silicon coated paper, bleached sulphate board
bleached sulphate board, silicon coated paper suppliers bleached sulphate board, silicon coated paper suppliers
silicon coated paper, bleached sulphate board
List Of The Available Papers:

Adhesive Paper
Art Paper/Chromo Paper
Base Paper For Abrasive
Binding Board
Bleached Kraft
Coloured Board
Crape Paper
Duplex/Triplex Board
PE Coated
Kraft Paper/Linner/Board
Masking Tape Stock
Newsprint/Lwc/White Printing
Non Woven(All Grades)
Poly Cup Stock
Poly Coated Paper
Release Base Paper
Silicon Coated Paper
Solid Bleached Sulphate Board
Tea Bag Paper
Thermal Paper
Tracing Paper(Coloured&White)
Tissue Paper
Wax Paper
Wall Paper Base Stock
Wet Strength Paper


In this modern age where innovation and invention are the buzzwords, paper has also evolved with time and making high pedestals on the platforms of quality, design and utility.

G.R.S Papers, is the pro-eminent part of this growing paper industry delivering superior quality, durable and variety of papers across the industry verticals of this galaxy of trade. We are the sterling importers and indentors of high quality papers across the globe.

  • Adhesive Paper
  • Art paper/chromo paper
  • Base paper for abrasive
  • Binding board
  • Bleached Kraft
  • Coloured board
  • Crape paper
  • Duplex/triplex board
  • PE Coated
  • Kraft paper/linner/board
  • Masking tape stock
  • Newsprint/lwc/white printing

  • Poly cup stock
  • Poly coated paper
  • Solid bleached sulphate board {S.B.S.}
  • Tea bag paper
  • Tetra-pack
  • Thermal paper
  • Tracing paper (coloured & white)
  • Tissue paper
  • Wax paper
  • Wall paper base stock
  • Wet strength paper

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